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Sunday, 31 January 2016

What lurks in the shrubbery?

Heat waves, bush fires, dense smoke, inquisitive chooks and an incompetent gardener seem to be a winning combination for this garden patch. Shaded by dark, broad leaves lurks a thick, green surprise! I am told they won’t taste very good when you let them get large. However, this needs to be balanced against the fact that massive vegetables are pretty awesome. The zucchini lives to grow another day!

It might not be tasty, but it is large

The garden is also producing normal size zucchinis along with various types of lettuce. And today I got the first tomatoes of the season!

Staking not required

Zuchinni slice?

Not too shabby for two people, and it is early days yet. Based on some of the green fruit I saw, in a few weeks we     might have more vegetables than we can deal with…

More to come....


  1. Hi Damo,

    Awesome!! The very first ripe tomato turned up here too today. Did you get any of that rain? Launceston - which admittedly is a long way away - picked up 85.5mm and Mount Elephant on the east coast was just out of control! Your garden is looking great. Remember less is more. Just do less, but don't do nuffin! Hehe! ;-)! On a serious note the huge zucchinis will keep well into late winter if stored in a cool dark and dry spot. They keep better than pumpkins from my experience as long as the skin isn't too damaged. When they start to soften in very late winter, that is the time to plant the seeds in good manure. As winter rolls along, I simply slice chunks off the zucchinis. Mate it is freezing here tonight. I'm in the orchard with a woolen hat on. Brrr. How are things in your part of the world. I've read reports that the rain didn't douse the fires...



  2. Hi Chris,

    We were in Devonport this weekend learning basic first aid and saw a lot of the heavy rain up close. I am not sure how much Zeehan got, but the smoke has cleared (although the helicopters are still buzzing back and forth).

    That seems counter-intuitive that a zucchini will outlast pumpkins, I never would have thought they could last so long!

    Things are a bit hot here today. I did have grand plans of going fishing, but still feel exhausted (soft!) so decided to faff around the house instead.